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Ohio Car Loans for All Kinds of Credit

Getting an auto loan in Columbus, Ohio can be difficult when you’re working with less-than-perfect credit. But at the same time, having a car is necessary for taking care of work and family.

You need money to improve your credit, you need your work to make money, and you need a car to get to work. So how are you supposed to get the car without already having good credit?

America’s Loan Company can help with a used car loan even if your credit is less than perfect. Our Ohio car loans are specifically meant for those who are looking to improve their credit and finance a used vehicle. We also offer refinance of your vehicle loan for lower payments.

Here’s how we can help you with your next auto loan in West Jefferson, Logan, or the greater Columbus area.

Applying Will Not Affect Your Credit Score*

Car Loan Rates for Ohio Borrowers

One of the most important things about any bad credit auto loan in Columbus is the cost. No matter how badly you need a car, it won’t help you if you can’t keep it because the payments are too high.

That’s why our friendly staff is here to help work out payment terms with you that work within your budget. We work together so that our auto loans for bad credit help get you into a car and keep you there.

Easy enough for us to say, but what are the actual used car interest rates for Ohio drivers? We can finance up to $10,000 of a used vehicle’s clean trade-in value, with an APR varying between 9% and 19% depending on credit history and other factors.

Terms of the loan are done to fit your budget, because we want to make sure we’re offering auto loans for Ohio that are affordable and manageable, even if you’re having a difficult time financially.

Some conditions to keep in mind are that the car in question cannot be more than 8 years old or have more than 120,000 miles on it already. It can, however, be less than $10,000 in value. We offer Columbus auto loans for bad credit for as little as $2,000. So you have the flexibility to choose a vehicle that works within your budget. 

We say that people look to us for Ohio car loans, and that’s true, but that’s far from the only thing we offer financing for.

Putting aside our personal loans and debt consolidation loans, which are also great options for a variety of purposes, we also offer financing for a number of different types of vehicles – not just standard cars!

We can offer auto loans in Ohio for pickup trucks, motorcycles, RVs/campers, and even boats! No matter your preferred vehicle, America’s Loan Company is here to help you get into it.

So if you’re looking for an auto loan in Logan, Ohio, West Jefferson, or anywhere in the Columbus area, know that you have somewhere to turn.

And you don’t have to wait! Applying for an Ohio car loan is a process you can start right now in three easy steps. Start your application right here – no need to come into one of our Central Ohio locations – or see our FAQ for more information!

We Offer More than Just Auto Loans in Ohio!

Applying Will Not Affect Your Credit Score*