Why Have Emergency Funds?

One selling point that we constantly advertise is being able to provide Bad Credit Personal Loans in case that some unexpected expense drains your bank account.  Typically, one may think of an unexpected expense as a really high utility bill or a car breaking down.  However, there are many other reasons for saving some money on set aside that is not to be touched by regular monthly expenses.  Below are some other reasons to have some funds saved for a rainy day.  I took these points from a blog from MoneyNuggets.  If you want to read their blog yourself follow this link https://www.feedspot.com/infiniterss.php?q=site:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.moneynuggets.co.uk%2Ffeed%2F%3Fx%3D1.

Lost You Job Or Your Hours Get Cut 

No job means no being able to pay your bills.  A reduction in hours is not as drastic a change.  But, with less pay will you be able to keep up with your standard of living?

You Get Promoted

This may seem like great news. But, what if you need to move for your new position.  Do you have the funds to pay for the move?

Income Tax Bill

We love paying taxes.  Just joking.  Don’t send us hate mail, please.

You Need A New Car

Being able to make a deposit on a new vehicle will reduce the amount that needs to financed and thus lower your monthly car bill.

A Veterinarian’s Bill

If you have a pet, then you know how pricey this Veterinarian bills can get.  If you love your pet, best save some funds.

Your A/C or Furnace Breaks Down

If you are lucky they can be repaired by a technician.  Otherwise, you’ll have to replace it.


Depending on the size of your company there may or may not be coverage under FMLA.  If not, plan for the pregnant spouse to have to take some time off without having the regular income coming in.

Orthodontic Braces

These are very pricey and for some reason every dentist seem to recommend it for just about every child now a days.  Makes a me little suspicious.  But, best plan for that expense.

Mom/Dad Fall Ill Or Need To Attend A Funeral

If your elderly parent falls ill, you may need to take a trip.  Having funds to cover the plane flight would help a lot.  

Rent Goes Up

Once your lease is up, will you be able to afford a higher rent until you find a cheaper place?

Smart Phone Needs Replacing

Unless you are happy with getting into another 2 year contract with the phone company, wouldn’t it be great to be able to replace a lost/broken smartphone by just accessing money in your savings account?

Escaping An Abusive Relationship

It is sad, but it happens.  If you happen to be in an abusive relationship, savings some funds on the side will make it more plausible to escape it.

Hope this points have stirred some to start savings some funds for a rainy day.  If possible, do use a bank account that brings in interest so that you reap the benefit of that also.

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